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About Crossfield

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In the early part of the decade of the 1930's, a British Chemist by the name of Crossfield had developed a formulation for mixing natural rubber and cement (which are not compatible by nature) to be used as a sloping compound and underlayment for ocean going vessels. Crossfield's company was called Surfacing Products. In 1938, a group of investors purchased his company and formed Crossfield Products Corp. During World War II, natural rubber was put on allocation and, at the same time, synthetic rubber polymers came into play. Crossfield Products adopted the new technology and began using polymer modified concrete on both the interior and exterior of ships such as the Queen Mary, the SS America and the Queen Elizabeth. It also began offering these products to the U.S. Navy.

To identify this family of products, the company coined the trade name Dex-O-Tex® which is a contraction of the term "decks of latex". Dex-O-Tex® has become synonymous with quality construction chemicals with worldwide distribution.

Although the marine business was its core, the company began to explore uses for its polymer modified concrete products on land. In the 1950's the company added polymer modified terrazzo and a patented flexible roof deck surfacing material. In the 1960's the company added epoxy resin technology to its product offering, eventually coming out with a complete line of fluid-applied flooring for heavy duty, high impact areas of use.
Later, chemical technologies such as Urethane Concrete, Polyapartic and Polyurea were added, making Crossfield Products Corp. the go to company for the most diversified product line of construction coatings. The company prides itself on its lasting experience in developing state-of-the art systems, precise manufacturing capabilities and excellent marketing of its brands.

Crossfield's Mission Statement
To be recognized around the world as the leading material formulator of high quality, seamless decorative and functional polymer flooring and coatings, wall coatings, deck coverings, wearing surfaces, decorative concrete overlayments, waterproofing, self-leveling underlayments, and repair products for new and rehabilitative construction projects worldwide.

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Dex-o-tex Marine
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