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Jack Crossfield Develops A Rubberized Cement Compound

Chemist Jack Crossfield develops rubberized cement compound for floor and decking underlayments. He doesn’t know at this time, but this may be the fist Polymer Modified Concrete (PMC) ever deployed.


Crossfield Product Corp Is Born

Los Angeles Business group purchased the company from Jack and formed Crossfield Product Corp. Trademarked the name “Dex-O-Tex”, a contraction from Decks of Latex.


The SS United States Launches With Dex-O-Tex

The SS United States is launched with Dex-O-Tex on both its interior and exterior decks.


Los Angeles, CA & Brooklyn, NY Bound

Factories were established in Los Angeles, CA and Brooklyn, NY.


Broke Into Architectural Market

Land (non-marine) products including Weatherwear, Terrazzo, and Neotex were introduced into the architectural market.


Crossfield Acquires Miracote Inc.

Crossfield acquires Miracote, Inc. to add to its line of waterproofing and concrete restoration products.


Miracote Enters Waterproofing Industry For Pools & Spas

The industry’s first, and only comprehensive waterproofing system for
pools and spas is launched. Multiple components are engineered to work together,
and provide lasting performance in the most critical applications.


Lightweight Epoxy For US Navy and IMO Regulations

Development of a light weight epoxy Underlayment for the US Navy and IMO Regulations.


Urethane Concrete Business

Dex-O-tex formulates a line of urethane cement products with high performance properties


Crossfield Expands To The Lone Star State

Crossfield opens a new manufacturing plant in Cibolo, Texas.

Crossfield Products Corp. is a leading manufacturer of a variety of construction coating, overlay, and fluid-applied flooring materials. Although Crossfield may be best known for its Dex-O-Tex®, Miracote® and Dex-O-Tex® Marine brands, the company also provides a sizable business in contract manufacturing, toll blending, and private label manufacturing.

9-11 Memorial Uses Crossfield Materials
9-11 Memorial Uses Crossfield Materials
dex o tex epoxy flooring marble design


Among the company's production capability is blending of processed powders and specialty aggregates, clear and pigmented epoxy coatings, polyurethane and polyaspartic coatings, polymer modified latex underlayments, urethane concrete mortars, cementitious coatings and waterproof decking and membranes.

Crossfield is also a proud member of the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA) and produces epoxy and polyacrylate terrazzo flooring systems. In the marine field, Crossfield is a recognized leader in decking underlayments and polymer flooring for both military and commercial ships and offshore drilling platforms.

With plants located in Rancho Dominguez, CA, Torrance, CA, and Roselle Park, NJ, Crossfield is strategically located to serve global markets in need of its' products. In fact, Crossfield supplies materials to all of the world's continents. Exporting is an important aspect of Crossfield's business plan.

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Whether your requirement is industrial, commercial, marine or residential, chances are Crossfield has a solution for you.